About Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc.

Pragmatic Communications Systems, Inc. is a Silicon Valley based, California Corporation founded in 1994 as a natural expansion of Pragmatic Solutions, an engineering consulting group since 1986.

The company traces its roots to designing electronics for bio-medical research instruments in late 1980s. It expanded its expertise in video imaging, radio-frequency communications and wireless systems.Thus, culminating in an industry-first, commercially available high-resolution wireless video transmission system for MRI signals, thermal imaging cameras, wireless intra-oral cameras, etc.

The company was part of NASA Ames Technology Commercialization Center(ATCC) in Sunnyvale and graduated from the business incubator in 1995.
As part of the ATCC, company provided wireless video transmission technologies to NASA's prototype Mars Rover project, Moffett Naval Air Station,
US Coast Guard, US Air Force, Nuclear power plants, US Border patrol, law enforcement, life safety and search & rescue missions, etc.

In the mid 1990s, company expanded its technologies in mobile communications and developed test equipment for worldwide cellular infrastructure deployment. These products were developed as an OEM and sold through private label arrangements with an OEM marketing company. Pragmatic has continued its OEM strategy for vertical niche markets where it can leverage its technical expertise, and diversified into medical/dental, scientific research, professional broadcast, commerical audio-visual and industrial control systems under its own brand name.

Pragmatic has a strong IP portfolio, several patents in wireless multi-media, audio/video/control commnications technology and control systems. It also has strong proprietary technologies in CCD imaging, high-resolution LCD/LED displays, high-efficiency audio amplifiers, line-array speakers, wireless and wired communicattions fields. Pragmatic continues to use its expertise and proprietary technologies to grow into vertical niche markets offering a unique and cost-effective solutions. Our satisfied customers believe that the best solution is a Pragmatic solution that is custom-tailored to their needs!

Most of the company's products are manufactured by local Contract Manufacturing partners in Santa Clara County, California allowing the company to focus its resources on R&D and technology developtment instead of manufacturing infrastructure. Pragmatic has more than a decade long relationship with its key vendors in electronics assembly and fabrication. Having local manufacturing within a few minutes drive offers the company same control and flexibility as its own manufacturing facilities without the overhead costs. This has enabled Pragmatic to provide very high quality products at a very affordable cost compared to its competition. All contract manufacturing partners are ISO9001 certified. Copies of their most recent certificiations are available upon request.

At Pragmatic, failure is not an option.

What's New

"Our fans who own the suites (at the football stadium) that received the new audio systems were THRILLED!
They loved the clarity, and the ease of use.
Thank you and your staff for all of your last minute efforts.
It's nice to deal with people who are willing to go the extra mile for customer satisfaction.
We all appreciate it."
Thanks Again,
Tim L., Stadium, Ohio State Universtiy, Columbus OH