HDMI A/V Distribution Up to Eight Displays
Whether in residential or industrial applications the Pragmatic CATS™-HDMI extender package delivers exceptional audio and video quality over ultra long distances via standard Cat5e/Cat6 cables. CATS is easy to use, allows components to be centralized and operations are seamless.

The CATS-HDMI-MX8 8x8 HDMI over Cat5 Matrix with IR Pass-through provides the most flexible and cost-effective solution in the market to route high definition video sources plus multi-channel (up to 7.1-channel) digital audio from any four HDMI sources to four remote displays at the same time.

Through low-cost Cat-5/5e/6 LAN cables, not only can high-quality video and audio be transmitted to the display sites, users can also switch among eight HDMI sources using the push-in button or remote control. With single power design at the source site, each remote module is easily installed without a power supply. Furthermore, the built-in IR extension function allows users to access the DVD player, PS3 or any HDMI supported devices directly.

Application Diagram
Application Diagram

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            Commercial buildings
            Digital signage
            Extends video signal up to 35m (115 feet) over CAT5e at 1080p
            Supports up to 7.1 channel digital audio
            The matrix master can switch every output channels to any HDMI inputs by push-in button, IR remote control, or RS-232 control
            Control local HDMI sources such as DVD and TiVo by attached IR extender from remote receiver to matrix master