Pragmatic Audio Transformer for 70V Systems
The PAT-15 is a high-quality audio transformer that can step up/step down your signal voltage or impedance of a circuit. It can also convert unbalanced circuits to balanced and block DC current while allowing the AC current fo low in a circuit. The PAT-15’s primary taps are 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15W watts. In addition, the secondary impedance is 4Ω and 8Ω. Overall, the PAT-15 is designed for a 70V audio distribution system.


Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Medical & Secure facilities
            HealthCare waiting areas
            Collaborative educational spaces
            Applications in hotels, fitness clubs, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, retail, entertainment, etc.
            Quick and easy to install, retrofit friendly
            Reduces installation labor costs
            Easy to customize/reconfigure
            Retrofit friendly
            Primary taps of 5W, 7.5W, 10W, and 15 watts
            Secondary Impedance of 4Ω and 8Ω
            Mounting flanges