High-performance Mounting Bracket Kit
This kit is ideal for mounting PHA speakers to walls. Two mounting brackets will be used to attach onto the back of your PHA speaker. Then the speaker will be affixed to installed wall brackets. This mounting kit allows your PHA speaker to cover a large amount of area covered by walls. The PHA speakers can be mounted horizontally or vertically, based on the user’s choice. A total of 4 brackets will be used.

PHA Speaker mounted horizontally with PHA-MB-KIT
Placeholder image
PHA Speaker mounted vertically

Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Closed offices, Open offices
            Medical & Secure facilities, Walls, Windows
            HealthCare waiting areas, POP displays
            Collaborative educational spaces
            Applications in hotels, fitness clubs, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, retail, entertainment, etc.
            Reduces installation labor costs
            Very quick and easy to install
            Easy to customize/reconfigure
            Retrofit friendly