Pragmatic Tile Speaker with Sound Masking & Background Music
The PTS-SMBGM1 is a high-performance, wide dispersion ceiling tile speaker. It offers the best sound masking and background music quality of any sound technology on the market. The sound masking is an ambient sound, similar to the sound of airflow, that’s engineered to the frequency of human speech to target potential conversational distractions. The sound is hardly noticeable and will blend into the environment of any workspace. Adding the sound to a workspace will actually make the space quieter by reducing the clarity of human speech. The PTS-SMBGM1 will make a building quieter through raising the ambient background noise level. This makes speech noise harder to hear and understand, therefore less distracting. Overall, the PTS-SMBGM1 will increase focus and productivity, as well as protecting private conversations.

The PTS-SMBGM1 is very easy to mount in the standard commercial drop-tile ceilings. With optional mounting brackets, it can also be suspended in open ceiling spaces. This high-performance speaker is well suited for hotel kiosks, restaurants, theme parks, museums, art galleries, collaborative learning spaces or department store digital signage for an audience of a few in a very controlled sound dispersion zone.

The speaker is part of the PADS™ family and easily integrates with other PADS™ components. In areas with highly varying ambient noise, it can be used with the PALS™ (Pragmatic Audio Leveling System) for automatic volume control based on the ambient noise.

receiver unit
Block Diagram
Typical Application of PTS-SMBGM1 in Open Office

Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Closed offices, Open offices, Court rooms
            Medical & Secure facilities, Walls, Windows
            HealthCare waiting areas, POP displays
            Collaborative educational spaces
            hotels, fitness clubs, restaurants, theme parks, shopping malls, grocery stores, retail, entertainment, etc.
            White/Pink Noise Generator
            Eight pre-set EQ curves
            Two audio input channels for multizone applications
            Dual channel 78 dB volume control with 1 dB steps
            PADS™ loop output for daisychain applications
            Power/audio/control on cat5
            Local control, central control, Wi-fi control, and IR control