TUNR-D: Digital Tuner


Pragmatic TUNR-D is a compact high-performance HDTV receiver/demodulator specifically designed for professional systems integrators.

The tuner receives RF signals from antenna or cable systems and demodulates off-the-air (OTA) ATSC broadcast signals, Clear-QAM digital cable signals as well as legacy broadcast and CATV analog NTSC signals. It supports simultaneous outputs of HDMI, Component RGBHV, and YPbPr component video signals. It also provides composite video output for SD signals. The unit decodes closed caption information and displays it on-screen.

The demodulated and decoded digital audio signal is available on S/PDIF Coaxial Digital Audio output connector and the unbalanced analog signal is available on stereo audio RCA outputs.

Ease of integration and control of the tuner is through RS-232C control port and remote IR receiver input on the rear panel. The unit also has a front panel IR detector, full 5-digit LED display and recessed push-button switches for power and channel control.

The unit retains scanned channel list, mode settings, and current channel information in a non-volatile memory to restore the tuner back to the same state after a power failure or power reset.

front and back
Front and Back View

Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Flat panel displays
            Video projectors
            Corporate boardrooms
            Digital signage
            Hospital lobbies
            High-performance demodulation of ATSC/Clear-QAM/NTSC/CATV Tuner
            Simultaneous HDMI, RGBHV, and HD component video outputs, composite SD video output
            Simultaneous Digital Audio and analog stereo audio variable outputs
            Flexible controls with RS-232C serial port and remote IR input port
            Multi-function on-screen display with IR remote control
            Closed caption decoding and on-screen control
            One rack space height(1 RU) and half-rack wide