High Performance Wireless Video Camera System
HazCam™ is an ultra-compact, fully self-contained wireless video system composed of a miniature battery-powered camera with an integrated wireless video transmitter and a receiver for local broadcast of video information. It consists of a very high performance, low light sensitivity and high-resolution camera, coupled with a high-performance wireless video transmission system. Its ability to produce excellent image quality in low light situations makes it ideal for covert operations without any extra IR floodlight requirements. The camera is conveniently designed to be handheld with an ergonomic handle attached to the bottom of the device. The HazCam™ transmits video without any wire connection to the recording device, which can be located in the vehicle. The receiver is housed in a rugged Pelican® case with a high-performance panel antenna, LCD monitor and a battery pack with charger. The device is easily turned on and off with a switch in the back of the camera. The transmission range between the camera and receiver is an impressive 100 feet, allowing the user to roam freely in a large area.

The HazCam™ system is ideal for professionals in the safety field including law enforcement, fire personnel, military, border patrol, coast guard, security, etc. It can be mounted on a tripod in order to monitor chemical, biological or other hazardous situations from a distance of more than 1000 ft with a clear line of sight. In addition, it can be mounted on roving robots for applications in difficult environments. In law enforcement applications, it can be used to both protect officers and citizens by displaying a clear video of the scene. The HazCam™ is a great advancement over the dashboard-mounted video cameras because it is easily portable and thus gives a closer view. The HazCam™ system is exclusively available to authorized personnel of the U.S. Federal Government, State Government and local law enforcement agencies (fire and public safety officers only).

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Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Evidence acquisition
            Traffic violations
            Online recording of inebriated drivers
            Security vigilance
            Mobile video coverage
            Remote surveillance
            Remote video recording
            Hazardous process viewing
            Mounting on robots for applications in hostile environments
            Perfect for professional safety fields such as: Highway Patrol, Hazmat situations, Police, Sheriff, Fire Department, ATF, FBI, CIA, DEA, INS Border Patrol, SWAT Teams, Private Investigators, Private Security
            Records officer's view of the scene
            Self-contained camera has no external connections
            No need for external battery pack worn on belt
            2 hours of battery life
            1000 feet transmission
            Ergonomic handle
            Compact design