DMS™ 2.1

DMS™ 2.1: Distributed Music System
Pragmatic’s DMS™ 2.1 allows you to give your customers an elegant distributed music system. It is very simple to operate, highly reliable and easy to install. The DMS™ 2.1 system delivers high-quality audio at an affordable price. This simple yet elegant system provides unequaled sound quality with a cable that runs to 3000 feet. It distributes audio signals to more than 32 listening areas using only a single category 5 wire. The cables can be home run into a patch bay or can be daisy-chained. DMS™ 2.1 finds applications in industrial and commercial installations including hotels, restaurants, sports bars, shopping malls, arcades, and theme parks.

The DMS™ 2.1 offers complete music distribution with paging solution on a cost-effective category 5 wire. The in-wall amplifiers with volume control are locally powered (can be centrally powered on an 18/2 AWG along with the category 5 for signal) and daisy chained from one in-wall amplifier to another. Maximum of 32 volume-controlled amplifiers can be daisy-chain connected on a single category 5 wire. Further expansion is possible with additional repeater unit.

The system transmitter comes in a compact rack-mount enclosure. It has a built-in multi-channel audio switcher that can be controlled by an infrared remote control or a RS232/RS485 connection and a TPA™ transmitter to connect to the category 5 wire. A basic remote receiver in a single junction box connects to the category 5 wire to power the speakers directly. These include the TPA™ receiver, a rotary volume control, and the MBA™ high-performance, high-efficiency 24 Watt mono-block amplifier. The audio signal-to-noise ratio is about 96 dB, and has 20 KHz of audio bandwidth and less than 0.1% distortion. The unit operates on a standard 12 V DC power supply and has an operating temperature range of -40 to 85 degrees Celsius, so it can operate in harsh environments.

The DMS™ 2.1 uses Pragmatic’s proprietary SuperTranz™ circuit to eliminate any possibility of ground loops, AC voltage interference, noise pick-up, or hum introduction into the signal path. The DMS™ 2.1 works in category 5, category 3, and even unshielded telephone grade twisted pair wire. Despite using economical wires, DMS™ 2.1 is superior to traditional music distribution systems in performance and cost.

applications diagram
applications diagram

Additional resources available for download are listed below

applications diagram

Additional options are listed below

            Multiple room audio system in residential markets
            Commercial installations in hotels, restaurants, sports bars, shopping malls, arcades, theme parks, gyms, etc.
            Audio and Video supplied to rooms on category 5 wires
            In-wall amplification in up to 4 zones
            Cable runs up to 3000 ft. per zone
            Expandable in 4 zone increments
            High quality audio/video
            High quality audio amplifier
            Affordable price
            Easy to operate
            Highly reliable
            Simple installation
            4 zones out
            Incredible sound quality and video detail
            DMS-KP: DMS Keypad for control only
            IWA-KP: In-Wall 2x24W with keypad
            IWA-IRS: In-Wall 2x24W with IR control only
            IWA-IRM: In-Wall 1x24W with IR control only