Line Arrays

Introducing a new era in line-array-speaker-technology, based on years of meticulous research led by Pragmatic engineers, the PHA Series line array columns with Defined Acoustical Coverage breaks new ground in performance, versatility, and cost.

Bring focused sound to any project in a sleek unobtrusive package. With a tiny 2" x 2" footprint, the PHA can fit seamlessly into any display, kiosk, entertainment venue etc... We offer 4, 8, 16, and 25 driver versions with different widths, depending on how much focus and distance you need from the speaker.

The PHA speakers offer excellent acoustical coverage control, focusing sound so that the sound level is great in the coverage area than it is just a step to the side. They're most precise in the industry.

The PHA directional speakers ensure audio is played where you want it. Even in the noisiest environments, you can use a PHA focused speaker to deliver crystal clear audio to your target audience.

Pragmatic High-Performance Arrays

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