Twisted Pair Audio Systems

This system will operate properly on any structured wiring or daisy-chained telephone wiring as long as the cables are 4-pair cat3, cat5, cat5e or cat6, etc. It uses the outside two pairs on the RJ45 so that up to two telephone lines can be supported along with the stereo audio signals on the same cable.

The Tx unit does not need any power. The Rx units need a power supply of 7.5VDC ~ 9VDC @ 200 mA Cat5 cables can be as long as 3000 ft. total length. Only Pins 1, 2 and 7,8 are used on the cat5 cable. Custom option to send power for all Rx units on cat5. The standard application will co-exist with residential one or two telephone lines on the same cat5 cables.