DMS™ 4.4

DMS™ 4.4: Distributed Music System
The DMS™ 4.4 is a complete multi-source, multi-zone music distribution system with control on a single category 5 wire. It is ideal for restaurants, offices, schools, sports bars, places of worship, manufacturing, production area, and numerous other applications. Its maximum distance on category 5 wires is 1000 ft. from the hub. The DMS™ 4.4 allows you to select from one of four different audio sources in each zone. It features a high performance built-in TV / CATV and FM tuner as the main source. Three additional external sources can be connected to the main distribution hub. Each zone is connected to the main hub by a single category 5 wire.

The in-wall amplifiers with keypads are locally powered (can be centrally powered on an 18 / 2 AWG along with the category 5) and are home run to the main unit. The DMS™ 4.4 has built-in IR remote control distribution. Serial port control of the system allows easy integration with lighting control systems, building automation system, and many others. A PC can also be configured to control the system.

The DMS™ 4.4 system delivers high quality audio at an affordable price. It is a simple yet elegant system that provides unequalled sound quality with cables running up to 250 feet per zone. It distributes audio signals to four listening areas using only a single category 5 wire. Further, each zone is capable of independently selecting any source. The system also features a source selection function, using an IR remote control or a keypad. By cascading additional DMS™ 4.4, the system can be expanded in increments of four zones per unit. Each category 5 wire run ends into an IWA (In Wall Amplifier), for amplification and control.

applications diagram
applications diagram

Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Multiple room audio system in residential markets
            Audio and Video supplied to rooms on category 5 wires
            In-wall amplification to rooms
            Cable runs up to 1000 ft.
            Commercial installations in hotels, restaurants, sports bars, shopping malls, arcades, theme parks, gyms, etc.
            Easily integrated with TPA™ receiver and the MBA™ amplifier
            High quality audio
            Affordable price
            Easy to operate
            Simple Installation
            Works off inexpensive wires
            Eliminates the need for rewiring
            Cable runs up to 250 ft per zone
            Expandable in 4-zone increments
            Incredible sound quality and video detail
            Source selection function using an IR Remote Control or keypad
            4 sources
            4 zones