HideAway™ Series Mono-block Amplifier MBA-148
The MBA-148 houses a mono-block amplifier that provides extremely clean state-of-the-art power. The MBA-148 produces unexpected sound depth and musical clarity. The unit accepts any volume controlled line level stereo input and uses super quiet 15 V DC power. It has a continuous power of 48 Watts and a peak power of 60 Watts. Advanced protection circuitry guards against system damage from overload, overheating, or short circuits.

There are a number of optional features available for the MBA-148. Options include a rotary volume control and multiple amplifiers in a standard rack mount unit.

Pragmatic offers high-quality digital amplifiers that contain numerous advantages over the competition. A Pragmatic amplifier boasts high efficiency and clock frequency. It also has very linear gain and phase characteristics. The amplifier has a flat frequency response from 10 Hz to 50 kHz. There is no ripple in the passband and very low change in distortion versus out power levels (usually between 0.01 and 0.05%). It maintains very low and uniform distortion on all frequencies and very high signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range.

MBA-148-headphone-VC Front View
MBA-148-headphone-VC Rear View
            Compact mono block amplifier
            Residential or Commercial audio amplification
            Compact design
            High Efficiency
            48 Watts per channel
            Weighs only 9 oz.
            Very linear gain and phase characteristics
            Very high dynamic range
            No ripple in the pass band
            Very low change in distortion versus output power levels
            Very high signal-to-noise ratio
            Only 15 V DC power required
            High clock frequency
            Flat frequency response from 10 Hz to 50 kHz
            Rotary volume control
            Multiple amplifiers in a standard rack mount unit