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MCA-1248: 12 Channel Audiophile Quality Amplifier
The MCA-1248 multi-channel amplifier produces a big, luxurious sound yet is so efficient that it doesn’t require a heat sink or a ventilating fan. The small yet powerful package delivers true a high fidelity performance that surpasses the quality of amplifiers ten times its size and weight. At only ten pounds and a two-rack-unit height, it is by far the most compact and efficient amplifier in its class.

The robust design of the MCA-1248 provides extremely clean state-of-the-art power. The MCA-1248 produces unexpected sound depth and musical clarity. The unit accepts any volume controlled line level input and uses a quiet and efficient 110V AC power supply. Advanced protection circuitry guards against system damage from overload, overheating, or short circuits.

Pragmatic offers high-quality digital amplifiers that contain numerous advantages over the competition. A Pragmatic amplifier boasts high efficiency and clock frequency. It also has very linear gain and phase characteristics. The amplifier has a flat frequency response from 20 Hz to 20 kHz. There is no ripple in the passband and very low change in distortion versus out power levels (usually between 0.01 and 0.05%). It maintains very low and uniform distortion on all frequencies and very high signal-to-noise ratio and dynamic range.

            Ideal for multi-room audio, bi-amplified speakers, and home audio systems
            Compact and lightweight design
            Musical clarity and sound depth
            No heat sink or ventilating fan
            Accepts line-level input
            Advanced protection circuitry guards
            High clock frequency
            Very linear gain phase characteristics
            Flat frequency response from 10 Hz to 50kHz
            No ripple in the pass band
            Very high signal-to-noise ratio
            Very high dynamic range
            Very low change in distortion versus output power levels