Pragmatic Healthcare DVD Player

Front and Rear View

Pragmatic Healthcare DVD Player
The Pragmatic PHC-DVDP is a convenient, compact DVD player system for use in hospital patient rooms, nursing homes, acute care and even hospitality venues.

It comes with a built-in SD card slot, USB input and game console input for viewing images, watching movies or even playing video games, making it the ultimate entertainment console. Additionally, the DVD player can be controlled via remote control and mounts easily on top of or below commonly sold healthcare TV systems.

Brackets are sold separately and are designed specifically for TV sizes. The available models and corresponding sizes are as follows: PHC-TVB22, PHCTVB26, and PHCTVB32. Custom brackets can be purchased for different sized televisions (3-week lead time required for custom orders).


Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Commercial buildings
            Digital signage
            Advanced integrated pillow speaker interface
            Five Star Service - One year warranty with the option to extend up to 5 years
            Energy saver design
            An easy to use and configure isolated interface for pillow speakers built right into the TV
            High definition display
            Enhanced view area
            Widescreen 16:9 aspect ratio
            UL compliant