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HideAway™ Series Stereo Audio Amplifier SAA-212
Pragmatic SAA-212 is a compact high-performance, high-efficiency, affordable stereo audio amplifier built to deliver an exceptional experience in the world of sights and sounds. Its fully integrated amplifier design delivers extremely clean state-of-the-art audio power to the loudspeakers and produces exceptional sound depth and musical clarity from a miniature powerhouse.

The unit accepts any volume controlled line-level stereo audio on the 3.5 mm audio jack. The DC power is supplied to the amplifier from a high-efficiency, compact and super-quiet external regulated switching power supply.

The amplifier incorporates advanced protection circuitry to guard against damages from over-load, over-temperature and short circuit fault conditions. It is built to meet the rigorous demands of commercial, industrial, professional and high-end installations.

This compact amplifier is ideally suited for installations where space is premium. It can hide behind flat-panel displays, loudspeakers, above projectors and drop-tile ceilings, inside interstitial and plenum spaces. The amplifier generates extremely low levels of heat and is convection cooled.

SAA-212 is an ideal choice where audio performance is needed in a small space.

            Integration with flat panel displays, video projectors, school class-rooms, corporate boardrooms, digital signage, hospital lobbies, hotels, restaurants, casinos, lecterns, podiums, plenm installations, etc.
            Two channel audio amplifier, optimized to drive loud speaker impedances from 2 ohms to 32 ohms
            Stereo audio input on 3.5mm jack
            12 V DC power supply input on 5.5mm O.D/2.1mm I.D.power-jack
            Amplifier outputs on locking quick-connect/disconnect phoenix terminals for ease of installations
            Advanced protection ciruit to guard against sytem damage from over-load, over-current, over-temeperature or short circuits
            Ultra compact size to install anywhere including mounting multiple units on 1RU rack trays
            Made in the USA