Pragmatic High-performance Line Array
Default model color: Black

The PHA-264 high performance, full range drivers offer a well-defined dispersion pattern with no hot spots. The PHA-264 is a compact array speaker designed to be on its own or be paired with plasma and LCD TV units used in industrial, commercial and residential home theater applications.

The enlarged box design of PHA-264 offers extended low-frequency response rivaling that of many in-ceiling/in-wall and on-wall speakers.

The speaker is easily mounted horizontally or vertically on a wall or ceiling with the built-in M6 screws. The speaker offers a very uniform 360 degrees sound field dispersion when positioned vertically or horizontally, making it an ideal speaker for mounting in public venus or hidden away at home.

Additional options such as amplifiers, PADS, or TPA receiver are available. Different options of color are also included. So whether you are looking for a high-performance speaker in a hotel, home theater, restaurant, theme park etc., the exceptional sound quality from PHA-264 will be suitable for all needs within the A/V market.


Additional resources available for download are listed below

            Residential home theater applications
            Digital signage plasma and LCD TV units
            Applications in hotels, fitness clubs, restaurants, theme parks, museums, shopping malls, grocery stores, etc.
            4 full-range drivers
            Efficient energy consumption
            2" x 2" compact foot-print
            CE compliant
            Neutral color options for easy decor blending